Saturday, 27 March 2010

Batman: The Stone King

Yes. I read a Batman book. I actually picked it up at the same time as a couple of 'classics' and got a strange look from the librarian at my selection. Ended up managing about four pages of Jack Kerowack (or however you're supposed to spell that name), but absolutely loving the Batman book. Brilliant. I was actually nearly late for history because I was reading it in the library at college. I also (have to admit) was reading it before English, but hid it as soon as my teacher came in. I don't know whether her opinion of my status of 'well-read' would survive seeing me read what looks like a pretty trashy paperback based on a comic book. It was very well written, very exciting, and the characterisation was fantastic, particularly of Batman himself, but also of the other superheroes. I have to recommend this book, even if it does necessitate hiding it from English Lit teachers...

Batman is the only one of the superheroes who does not possess a superpower, only the power of his own determination which has made him strong. But when a new super villain rises with the sole intent of ending life as we know it and turning humanity into his slaves, Batman is the only member of the Justice League who escapes his clutches. With the help of an empath whose powers have suddenly taken a terrifying turn away from the familiarity of just reading people's emotions into seeing visions of the horror the Stone King wants to unleash, Batman has to not only rescue his colleagues, but stop an evil presence from the past coming to dominate once again. Action and characters are both fantastic, don't be put off by the fact that it's a novel based on a comic book. Highly recommended.

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