Saturday, 27 March 2010

Operation Kill Ike

Okay, so it was another trashy novel that most English Lit teachers would turn their nose up at, but I enjoyed it. Wasn't feeling well, didn't want a complicated plot to follow, so I figured why not try the book I picked up from a market stall for 10p? Operation Kill Ike was not particularly politically correct in parts (the word 'wog' which caused quite a calamity when used off air was frequently used to describe a character), but it had the down to earth honesty that's quite nice to find in a thriller. The characters were all real, desperate characters, formed into a band called 'The Destroyers' in order to do stuff that you couldn't send normal troops to do. Good action, a more complicated plot than I expected... Goes to show that as with the Batman one, you just can't judge a book by its cover. I actually really enjoyed it, I'll be looking out for more books by the author. Unfortunately, books that you pick up for 10p tend to be books that're actually really hard to find because they're tatty little paperbacks that probably haven't been republished (can't imagine that they'd republish it, but you never know... Just checking on Amazon :) Oh! I've actually got some of his non-fiction! And there seems to have been a couple of the books republished in large print in 2003. So I might be in with a chance). Any rate, I have to recommend the book. And I should perhaps get round to reading a couple of his non-fiction books which I've bought but not read yet.

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