Monday, 15 March 2010

The Hurt Locker

I nearly missed a book club to go watch this film. In the end, the film club was postponed a week, so I managed to go to both. But I can say this now for certain, although I enjoyed the book club, the film was worth missing a week for. The Hurt Locker won a couple of Oscars, and it certainly deserved them. Probably the best war film I've ever watched. It felt real, from the intense moments of action, to the tension as bombs were defused, through the drinking and the characters' interactions to each other, right down to the ending. Loved it from start to finish, and I was really surprised when it finished. Fascinating and engaging, it dragged you right into the action and the tension during a long scene of silence, when the soldiers were trying to out wait insurgents, could've been cut with a knife. I was surprised by how many people there were at the film club to be honest--I wasn't expecting many others to go 'oh that's my sort of film', although to be fair I've never been before so I'd no base line to compare it to. But I loved this film and I'll certainly be watching it again. I believe the college library has a copy, I may have to reserve it for a weekend and enjoy it again.

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