Sunday, 21 March 2010


I'm quite behind with book reviews. Well, more than quite behind. I've been reading a lot recently. As in, seven last week, then another four today and yesterday. Which is quite a lot of books to review. I don't know that I can physically manage to review that many books. I have an entire series to review (minus the most recent one which I've not yet got hold of) for goodness sake! Okay, admittedly that's only four books, but still. That was the oops part of my post.

Went to Lytham yesterday. And St Annes too, because they're basically next door to each other and St Annes has a really neat library. Lytham's a great place, have to say, and not just because I know a bunch of people who live there. For a start, there's the Windmill Bookshop just as you're heading into the town. I don't think I've ever seen a place quite so stuffed with books. No particular order to them, other than them being generally sorted into fiction, children's, and then the non-fiction was kinda sorted too. At least, most of the history stuff was together. Lytham itself is a nice place to walk around too. We stopped at a lovely cafe called the Source (there seems to be about a million cafes in Lytham...), had coffee/hot chocolate and cake (the coffee being for my parents, the hot chocolate and cake being for me :) ). Yeh, just generally had a nice day out. Oh, and visited the libraries, which somehow despite being technically smaller than the Harris library in Preston have contrived to get a better selection of books in. Or maybe that was more because I've read most of the interesting ones that the Harris has in. Any rate, there were good teenage sections in both libraries, so although I haven't taken out any stuff that was technically teenage for a while I've got a bunch out now to read, and some of it's really good. Then came home and read. First Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, next Act of Treason (not a teenage book, but very good all the same). Today was Changeling Blood Wolf and Fever Crumb (a prequel to the Mortal Engines series). I've still got a fair stack to go at though, so I might go and read some more... Then I'll have even more catching up to do, but never mind.

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