Saturday, 27 March 2010

Blocking the Light

What's between you and the light today? On Thursday, I got my Dad to put up some model aircraft that I'd built. One of the ones I put up was given to me for Christmas by a friend. It started life filled with chocolates, which I ate, and now it's hanging from my ceiling. It's a lovely little biplane, and it looks really good hanging up there. However, while I was pointing to where I wanted my Dad to put them, I was being a bit incautious. It's now hanging between my ceiling light and my desk, so although I have a desk light the light on me is not great while I'm sat here. It's being blocked. The aircraft itself is great, there's nothing wrong with it. It's just the position I've put it in.

Sometimes life gets a bit like that. We have things that, in themselves, are fine, perhaps even great. But when we put them in the wrong place, they block out the light and leave us in shadow, unable to enjoy the full benefit of what God's got for us. I need to climb up on my ceiling and move it. There are sometimes things we need to do that in our life with. We've put them in the wrong place, and it's stopping us from enjoying the full fruits of life. So in order to get back into the full light, enjoying the full benefits of God's provision, God's grace and God's faithfulness, we need to shift them out the way. I'm going to be asking my Dad to help me, cos I'm not overly fond of clambering on things and waving my arms around. Maybe we all need to ask our Heavenly Dad to help us shift a couple of things about in our lives, in order to be able to see properly.

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