Monday, 28 September 2009

The English Civil War--A people's history

This one was by Dianne Purkiss. It was pretty good, I enjoyed the attention it gave to ordinary people, including women. Some of the same names cropped up again from God's Fury, England's Fire--Nehemiah Wallington collector of pamphlets, amongst the obvious ones like Cromwell, Pym and so on. One thing that did disappoint me a bit was that the pamphlets it had pictures included of were almost all the same as the ones in the other book. But it was very readable in style. Sometimes amusing, fairly gripping, but I can't say I learnt a huge amount from it. It was interesting, yes. It didn't really speak a whole lot about the big things--it was more about the experiences of people, and focussed a bit on iconoclasm, the banning of Christmas, etc. I've still not managed to read anything particularly about what happened afterwards, with the exception of A Short History of England.

Probably worth reading if you're interested in the period and don't know a whole lot already. Anyone know a good book about what happened after the Civil War?

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