Wednesday, 2 September 2009

First Day Back at College

Well, I went into college this morning, and when I finally got there (I hate busses), I worked out what room I was in, managed to get into Cecilia's after a bit of faffing, and tootled on up to C202. I met Martin (my Lit teacher) on the way up, and he said 'well done' on my exam, and then told me they were probably gonna send off for my script to use as an example! And then he said he didn't think he had me this year :(. Turns out he was right. But anyway, I got up to where my form room was, and nobody was there at first cos I was kinda early, but I didn't know where anyone would be so I figured I'd go straight up. I was there a little while when Vic came up, but turns out she was in a different room, two doors down. So I was still on my bill. A few more people from my old form started showing up, and they were all in 204 as well. It was starting to look like there was gonna be a form of just me, which was a tiny bit worrying. The teacher stuck her head out and asked me to go in, so I went in, and felt a wee bit nervous, especially when she revealed that I was the only person from my previous form in this new one. People trickled in, and we ended up with the grand total of... 6. Yes, you read right. I went from a form of 23 last year, to my new form which should have 9 but today for some reason had 6. Anyway, we did the adminny stuff, and for some reason I've been put on sociology again even though I didn't want to do it.

Then it was break, so I went and found Rachael. Even though she's not in my form (or even in the same block for it!), we've got the same frees, so that was good. Then it was back up to C202, only to be told we had to go to EB7. But I have now come to the conclusion that this room does not exist. We looked everywhere! At least we rediscovered my form tutor, who is really nice. Then she got us all to talk to each other, cos none of us actually knew any of the others, and then it was off to AS 'Classical Civilisation' (Ancient History really, but ya know, they like to give stuff posh names). Only the teacher wasn't there because she doesn't work on Wednesdays and she wasn't expecting anybody... So I had a free instead. Then Maths, which was okay, lunch--great fun to see everyone again--and English Lit. Not as good as with Martin, but I think my teacher seems pretty decent, so that's okay. Then off to Bethany, and this is why I hate buses. I can cycle to Bethany from college in approximately 20 minutes. The bus took half an hour. I can cycle home from Bethany in under 30 minutes (it's all downhill). The buses took me near enough an hour. Which is ridiculous. And plus buses are otherwise unpleasant--crowded etc. Still, I am alive and I had a great first day back at college :D.

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