Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The Satan Bug

It appears I may have reviewed this particular book before, seeing as it popped up when I was writing the title in. Never mind. It's such a good book I don't mind writing about it again. I think the word which best describes this book is 'fascinating'. From the incredibly well done first person narration which reveals details about the main character bit by bit and leaves you seeking more info about this enigmatic and intriguing man, to the plot itself which is magnificent in both scale and execution, to the nitty-gritty of the action, this book is one of those that a) you read over and over, and b) still keeps you up to an insane time in the morning every time you do so, regardless of the fact that you already know how it ends and know what twists and convulsions it will go through to get there. The truth of the matter is, I suppose, that the book follows such a sinuous, twisting plot that it's very difficult to grow bored of this. So yeh, fascinating about sums it up. That and the fact that I would really really recommend this to anyone who likes thrillers or conspiracy theories or any of that lark.

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