Monday, 7 September 2009


Well, on Friday I was lucky enough to have all the periods I had free consecutively in the afternoon. However, as soon as I set off for home on my bike, it started to throw it down. So I got drenched. Meh.

I also went to an Oxbridge meeting in the morning, where I found out that I apparently should apply to Cambridge rather than Oxford because of the whole resitting thing. But that means doing a HAT test. Although the Oxford course does look pretty good. So yeh, don't know what to do about that yet. I'll go to the Oxford open day on the 18th, hopefully that will help me decide, although I am inclined to go for Oxford.

I got masses of stuff to do over the weekend (and extra two days off), but I've now done a lot of it. Almost all the form stuff, and some of the rest of it. Why did every single teacher thing it would be a great idea to give us loads of work for these two days off? Still, I suppose I shouldn't complain.

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