Sunday, 13 September 2009

Junior Church

Well, today I did Junior Church at Fresh Manna. Well, part of it. I got a call on Thursday night from Ruth, she said could I do the under fives on Sunday. So I said sure, came up with an idea and a bit of a plan, including an activity. Got it all ready on Saturday evening. I made ten baby Moseses out of salt dough, and baked them all (and since I had some left I made some other things too), which was quite good fun. Painted them up this morning. And I ended up getting to church and after a bit of confusion based on the fact I was supposed to be going in with the rest of my group today, I wound up teaching the whole of Junior Church, with a load of parents listening in, about Moses, and then handing round my Moseses. There were just enough apparently, because I then had to scurry off to my group. Nicky and Ruth both said I did pretty good. Apparently the babies went down well :D. Unfortunately, the origami boxes were rather more complicated than anyone else had anticipated (actually, they're not that hard, but you do need to have someone to show you how to do it), so they didn't manage to do that. I enjoyed it any rate, will hopefully get to do it again some time.

As an added aside: I am writing this on a laptop for the first time ever. My granddad gave me his old one, dad's modified it a little so it has enough ram to actually load the antivirus, and now it seems to be working pretty good.

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