Thursday, 3 September 2009


Well, I went to history today and discovered that although I got an A overall, John still thinks I ought to resit my Crimean/Boer/WWI module, so I guess I will. It's to do with addy uppy stuff. Then he got me kinda worried and said I need to check with Cambridge whether I'd be okay cos I only got a B in the second exam. I just looked though, and it all seems fine. So yeh, there you go. First history lesson with John today, he seemed pretty good. Not quite as friendly as Elisa perhaps, but I don't suppose he needs to be. And he has a Scottish accent, which is a definite bonus :D. The new Cherub book (and Pilgrim's Progress) arrived from Amazon today. Guess which I started reading?! Actually, I've finished it, and it said at the back that there's only going to be one more Cherub book :*(. Plus, and this is gonna sound really geeky, all my other Cherub books are paperback, and all the covers line up because of that (they have a little band of a different colour at the top with the Cherub logo), and the hardback one isn't going to line up. And plus the book is shaded rather than solid colour. So it doesn't match! But yeh, that's really a very minor gripe when I realise that I totally could not have waited any longer for the new one to show up. A year already since The General! So while I don't want the series to end, I can't wait for the next already!

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