Sunday, 3 May 2009

A Brief History of Mutiny

Now this one was pretty interesting. Took a couple of mutinies and explained what was likely to have caused them, what happened etc. Did make me wonder how on earth they found out some of the stuff, given that the mutinies being described happened ages ago, but I guess ships logs etc would give that sort of info. Gave me a random story idea too, which I might try and use and see what happens, although as yet I have like three characters to populate the plot. This is the sort of book you can read without a real interest in the topic, as it's not too long or long-winded, told like a set of stories linked with the theme of involving mutiny. And because they were kinda separate stories, you could put it down at the end of one mutiny and you wouldn't lose track of where you were up to/where it was going. Good book. Interesting.

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