Monday, 11 May 2009

Warwick University

So, I went to Warwick's Open Day on Saturday. Thinking I'll record my impressions up here since I'm then less likely to lose them...

Big. That was my first impression. Big and slightly scary, especially because I was going in to the talks on my own but pretty much everyone else had their parent(s) with them. Lots and lots and lots of people. Nice campus. I've visited there once or twice before for NAGTY events (sadly this wonderful organisation now no longer really exists--except in the rather rubbishy form of YG&T, which has a pretty naff version of the wonderful old forums and doesn't seem to run proper events and also has not clicked that I go to college, not secondary school and so sends me a magazine for secondary school kids that looks more appropriate for 8/9 year olds.) Anyway. Very nice campus, if somewhat confusing. But I thought Newman confusing when I first went there, and now I'm like 'what, I thought this place was confusing?!'. Discovered the range of languages you can study along with history is more limited than I thought. Italian, French, Spanish and German, but you have to really have done French and German at A-level to do them. However, if you do Renaissance and Modern history (this is amazing!), you get to spend a term in Venice, as an actual part of the degree!!! Wow. And I'm thinking that sort of history does have some appeal as I've really never ever done it before. So it'd be nice to do something a bit different.

They have a nice chapel, very active Christian Union etc. Friendly folk in there. It was big though. And very competitive to get in. 16 applicants per place for history! So, hmm... Want to get a look round some other places before I start saying for definite, but this is an option for sure.

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