Friday, 15 May 2009

English Language exam

Yeh. I had my first exam today. And hey, look, I'm still alive! Despite the fact I finished the darn thing forty minutes early. Yes. Forty. It was a two and a half hour exam that took me less than two. Although one of my friends said she was really rushed and writing all the way up to the end... I got plenty of points down though, and apparantly if you write rubbish it knocks your mark down, even if the rest of it's okay. So I figured that since I couldn't actually spot any more good points, I'd be better off leaving what I'd done. So I sat there. And sat there. And composed a little poem in my head (which I didn't dare write down, for fear of examinery reprisals--apparantly someone once doodled on their paper and they sent it back with a mega complaint).

Exam Room

Crocodile skin floor, tattooed with slashes of colour
Who knows what sports to represent?
The tense rustle of pens
As you sit in boredom
Thinking, when will this torture end?
The unquiet silence that bars all thoughts from coming,
The disturbing rustle as all others work on
Oh look!
The clock just changed its number
Only twenty-seven minutes to go...

(or something roughly along those lines. It's kinda difficult to remember poetry you don't write down). I also figured out another couple of scenes for my story. And watched the clock. One of my friends, who was also bored, worked out what 2 to the power of 27 was... In her head.

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