Tuesday, 19 May 2009


By Ted Bell, this is a really good book. A sequel to Hawke, which I wrote about earlier. Saw this one in the library and went 'yay!'. Not too loud fortunately. The only thing is, I'm not exactly reading them in order. Which made things kinda confusing and gave me all sorts of complicated bits trying to work out what fitted where. Still, it's a fantastically good book. I actually like this one more than Hawke. Involves a conspiracy theory in the jungles of South America to wipe out the USA, sponsored by Muslim extremist groups. Quite exciting, although a tiny bit confusing at the beginning. I think this is a series you should read in order though...

Anyway, I'd certainly recommend this one if you've a bit of time to read it. It's enjoyable and fast paced, with a nice plot that's both believable and carries a realistic and satisfying conclusion (they tend to be either one or the other in thrillers...)

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