Monday, 11 May 2009

Red Roses on the Veldt

Very good book. It makes explicit at the start that it's not intended to be a history of the Boer War and it's not going into all the politics and disputes over it. All it is is a history of what happened, in large part told through eyewitness accounts, from a Lancashire perspective. And it's very interesting. Nice assortment of pictures in there, lots of eyewitness stuff which is always good to read, and the text worked round the sources, gave the extra information needed. In short, it's how I expected the Destination Dardanelles book to be, but done even better. Interesting to read about stuff from a local perspective. It kind of brings things home a bit more. It was still about the soldiers and the fighting, not the home front, but it was about the Lancashire regiments.

I was naughty. I let the rather decrepit cover and rather dry looking nature of the book put me off. Then I started reading it and discovered how wrong I'd been to put it off. Well worth a read if you're interested in local history, or the Boer War.

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