Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Ipod, you are an ipod, and you do exist.

I am currently trying to persuade my ipod that it does want to work, it does exist, and that it does not need to sit there telling me it's playing a podcast that it quite clearly isn't, and refusing to do anything no matter what button I press. Humph says I. Any guesses as to what I can do?

On another rant. Facebook has changed itself yet again. Why??? What was wrong with how it was when I joined? Which wasn't all that long ago, if you're wondering.

And why does my computer keep losing tab things at the bottom of the screen, only letting them reappear when I use the alt+tab shortcut to change between screens? And why, up until a few moments ago, did it call this hotmail, when I didn't even have hotmail open any more?

Technology is fine, until it breaks. And then it's just annoying. And stupid. And pointless. And very annoying. Because I've gotten used to listening to music on my way to college, and was looking forward to the Daily Audio Bible podcast. But no. It went kaput. And it's determined that it doesn't exist. Meh.

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