Thursday, 6 August 2009

Another 12 Miles

Yesterday was pretty good. Spent the morning doing very little, apart from reading and doing one or two chores. Then I cycled all the way to Bethany in one go, and didn't even get off my bike to go up the big hill on London Road, so I was quite chuffed with myself. Took me 35 minutes to get there, which is probably similar to what the buses would take, depending on whether or not they lined up nicely (which they don't often). And then I got home in 21 minutes. Which means I was doing an average speed of about 18 mph coming home, despite having to stop a couple of times and nearly getting crushed between a car and a bus. The bus had stopped in front of me (I was going a lot faster than the bus was taking, I caught up to it), and there was not a whole lot of space to get round the outside, because there was traffic coming. But I figured there was space enough for a bike, so I tootled up in front of this car that was peering round the corner, and started to go round the side. At that point, the car decided to join in the fun and started going round the bus. I don't think he can have seen me, because I had about an inch either side of me, and nearly got turned into a sandwich :(. But I'm here and safe.

We had Aunty Lynne and Uncle Mike and Esther and Granddad Derek and Anne round last night for a bit of a party, because it's Aunty Lynne's birthday today, and Granddad's soon too. So we had prawn cocktail (I made the sauce, it turned out really good and it was dead easy). Then we had ham and onion sauce. The onion sauce is my favourite--I'm less fussed about the ham. And we had American biscuits too, and cake. Yum. So, twas good fun. And then Aunty Lynne came back with a saxophone which I'm borrowing over the summer, to have a go at teaching myself. Unfortunately, she sorta forgot the music books, so although I've had a bit of a go at guessing how to do the notes (I play clarinet already, so I have a bit of an idea of how it goes), I don't know what any of them actually are... It's hard, cos you don't blow so hard into it, so I kept blowing too hard and making it squeak (which is not so easy on a clarinet).

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