Saturday, 29 August 2009


It was my 17th birthday on Wednesday (must go change my profile). I was at the Museum of Lancashire in the morning, helping out with the craft, and then as I was getting ready to go, the staff gave me a present: a huge plant! It kinda has to live downstairs cos I have no room in my bedroom, but it's pretty awesome. Then in the afternoon I went into town to meet up with Rhea and Naomi. It was great to see them again and get chance to talk to them, cos I haven't seen either since Rhea's birthday party, which was ages ago. We went shopping, but the only thing I bought was paint :D. I needed some model paint (not got round to using it yet, but it's for a biplane). Naomi came back for tea too, and that was great fun. So I had a really awesome day.

I can't help but look back on my birthday last year and marvel at how far God's brought me and my family. Last year, my mum was in hospital unable to eat, at the start of what turned into a five week stretch. I came home from the Lake District where I'd been on holiday with the guys from Fresh Manna who at that point I scarcely knew, and I went to my Aunty Lynne's for tea, because my Dad was having to cook but he's not the most fantastic cook of all time. Had a clarinet lesson, and then went to see my mum in hospital. Since then, my mum's come home (finally), and she's starting to get a lot better--certainly she's improved tremendously on that although she still gets tired. My Dad's lost his job. I've done a whole year at college, and managed to get 6 A's at AS, and made loads of new friends. I've got to know the people in my youth group a lot better. I've volunteered at the Museum of Lancashire and had a great time doing that. And you know what? God is still looking out for me, so who knows what this next year's going to bring?

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