Friday, 21 August 2009

Museum of Lancashire

Yeh, I'm way behind with letting you all know what I got up to over my holidays, so I figure I'll just start from here with the whole what I've been doing thing. As of Monday last week, I've been volunteering at the Museum of Lancashire, doing 2 and a half days a week. It's great fun, and I'm learning a lot about how museums are run. For example, I had no idea about the amount of work involved in keeping the museum tidy (I blame messy kids--and adults--for leaving the stuff in the boxes all screwed up etc). The Victorian Schoolroom's the worst if someone's left it in a state, because there's so much in there. Last week, I went in and four of the pinafores were knotted at the back, all the slates needed wiping as did the blackboard, the slate pencils were on the floor, etc. Anyway, it's not too bad. I've been helping more with the activities recently, helping people with getting paint, cleaning up, showing them what to do, etc.

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