Monday, 24 August 2009

Painting Plates

I was at the museum again today, and the lady with two rather demanding children was there again. One of them asked if she could have my example, which I hadn't even finished at that point, and then she wanted the photo frame I'd made on Friday. Was I being mean to say no? I don't think so--she was making her own anyway. I rather wish I hadn't made that one on Friday to be honest. I mean, it was good fun and all, but then these two girls (same ones) wanted to make identical ones, and it had taken me long enough, and lets be fair, I'm sixteen, I'm gonna find stuff like that a lot more easy than a kid half my age. So I then had to help them make theirs, draw pictures for them, etc. It turned out that theirs were about half my work and half their own. Thankfully today I sat myself on another table and was 'helping' (I admit it, I was mostly just making my own and laughing with the grownups), and so I didn't have to deal with them too much. I don't think I could cope as a primary school teacher. In fact, I know I couldn't.

It was pretty good fun though. And I'm quite chuffed with my plate. It looks pretty good, although it did take rather a long time. I also now look like I have quite a nasty rash, but it is, in fact, just red paint from washing out the pots.

Met Simon in Preston this morning very briefly, to pass on a coding book. Congratulations to him having now done his uni work and finished it all off, after something of a panic last night. Prayer works. I also went to the library--took three books back, got out another three :D. I really must catch up with these book reviews, I'm about forty behind or something ridiculous like that.

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