Saturday, 15 August 2009

Sundday 26th July

Well, this was the day we moved to Birmingham. When we got there, I just wanted to stay in and read, especially once it started raining. My parents and brother went off to the transport museum round the corner, then because it was raining when my mum came back (she got tired), she insisted I went round with raincoats for my dad and James. Found James, but couldn't find my dad--apparently he'd gone home pretty much the same time I arrived. I didn't find it all that interesting to be honest--old busses really aren't my thing. But if you fancy seeing a bunch of old busses and milk carts and whatever, it is quite an impressive collection. Anyway, I gave James his coat and wandered back to the van. James did not come back for ages, so Dad went round to rescue him. Apparently, he had the bright idea of sitting on a little kids chair. And my brother is not exactly a little kid--he's bigger than me (not too difficult I admit). So the chair kinda collapsed. He went up to my dad and said 'my bum hurts' or words to that effect. Couldn't help but laugh when I heard the story...

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