Thursday, 6 August 2009

Saturday 25th July

We stopped in the caravan in the morning, mainly cos Mum had a cold and she wasn't feeling so good. So we figured to head up to Birmingham instead of down to Bristol like we'd originally planned the next day. So we sat about and read/watched tv/ did some of the distance learning course I'm doing on the Old Testament. We went into Cheltenham in the evening, because Mum wanted to go to a garden. And plus we'd seen this ace model shop, but I hadn't had a chance to go in, so naturally I had to persuade my parents that would be a good idea. I've finished my massive helicopter see, so I need a new challenge, and my birthday's coming up. After much looking around, I settled on a Dakota, which comes complete with stand and paints and glue and brushes (definite bonus as my brushes are rather tatty now). It's about a hundred pieces--for obvious reasons I don't have the box here to tell you exactly. Looks good fun at any rate.

We had a nosey round the parks and that which Mum wanted to do, stopped in one for a drink, and that was about it for our last day in Cheltenham. Oh, we packed stuff away a bit in the evening too, ready for departure the next day.

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