Thursday, 9 April 2009

B-17s Over Berlin

This is a very interesting book, made up of first hand accounts of people involved with the 95th Bomber Group during WWII.

The accounts are very well organised, mostly in a chronological order. What I found really surprising was the number of people who were taken prisoner, and who evaded being taken prisoner, after being shot down and parachuting out. I also didn't realise that there were ten people in a B-17. They must've been massive! It was really very interesting to read.

However, I would've preferred fewer longer contributions, as it was difficult to get a sense of the people involved, only of the details in a few separate incidents. Also, at three hundred ish pages, it's rather long for a collection of accounts ranging from a paragraph or so up to about three pages in length. Quite disjointed feeling at times, especially as there would sometimes be two or three people involved in telling the same account...

All the same, it was an interesting book, although I recommend you read it a bit at a time to avoid it getting too repetitious and confusing. I have to admit I'm not a great fan of short stories in the first place--I prefer to read something a bit longer and with a bit more substance (as you may have noticed given that I have a tendency to read books with 700odd pages...).

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