Saturday, 18 April 2009

Pegasus Bridge

I had this great idea the other day. I thought ok, I'm wide awake, can't be bothered lying here doing nothing any longer, I'll read a book and if I read something non-fiction then I'll actually be able to put it down without reading too late. So I picked up Pegasus Bridge by Stephen E Ambrose. Bad move. I couldn't put it down, stayed up until I'd read it all the way through. Very exciting, very well written, and very, very interesting subject matter.

When I went to France a few years ago, I actually went to Pegasus Bridge and the museum there, and it was incredible to read the story behind it. Oh, I know, I got the story from the museum, but this book was so good and so well researched and everything that it was incredible.

Basically, it was about the glider-borne assault on Pegasus Bridge, which had to capture two bridges from the Germans intact. Parachuting wasn't an option, as the parachutists would end up scattered all over the place and wouldn't be able to gather in time to stop the Germans blowing up the bridge. Incredibly interesting story, a real must read, even if you don't care about history. It's worth reading for purely excitement value as a piece of fiction, if you're not fussed about the actuality behind the story. Really recommend this one, especially especially if you happen to have an interest in WWII, but even if you don't.

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