Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Biggles in the Gobi

I love Biggles books. And I was able to find one on the car boot quite recently. A very good book, well written. Really enjoyed it. Admittedly, it didn't take me long to read, but that doesn't really matter. It was a good one to read at any rate. And very dramatic. Perhaps more than they usually are even.

Biggles and his team of pilots get sent out to the Gobi desert to rescue a bunch of missionaries who got stranded in China and are likely to get beaten up. I like the fact that in this one Algy and Ginger actually get the chance to play a major part. Rather exciting plot, lots of calamities arising. Especially for Algy and Ginger. Really recommend the Biggles books. They're not exactly challenging reads, but they're good fun, interesting, give you an insight into what it's like to fly. This one was, to my mind, one of the better ones.

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