Sunday, 19 April 2009

Consent to Kill

I don't know whether I've reviewed this one before. If I haven't, it's very, very good. Mitch Rapp, Vince Flynn's hero, is a tough, fierce main character you can rely on for an exciting read. But he appears to be mellowing. He's married, he wants to have kids, he's realising he can't stay in the field forever, especially when his job is going after terrorists and killing them. But he's made a heck of a lot of enemies over the years, as you can imagine, and one of them is determined to do something about it. A bounty is placed on Mitch's head, and his world explodes. Literally.

An incredibly exciting book, even when you're reading it for the second or third time. I'm very grateful to the guy on the market who first introduced me to Vince Flynn since he didn't have the book I was looking for. I'd strongly recommend the series, but I'd also recommend you read it in order. I didn't, unfortunately, and it kinda spoilt a few exciting things in the earlier books. The first one's Transfer of Power, I've probably reviewed it somewhere. Fantastic book. All of them. This one is one of my favourites of the series though. Especially love the ending, very sensitive and believable, and also totally in character. Not what you're expecting, but the right ending for the book.

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