Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Hmm, well, I've been so busy writing about books that I've read I haven't actually written about my real life. Oops. That was the whole point of me starting this blog, so I'd keep a diary. Instead, I've been rabitting on about what I've read and what I've been writing...

Anyway. We went away in the caravan to stay in this site near Bolton Abbey. Very pretty. Right out in the sticks, but they were pretty sticks. Didn't do a whole lot cos mum kept getting tired and we had to stop. Although I did find loads and loads and loads of bookshops. And also bought myself two videos, which is kinda weird for me cos I don't normally watch TV/films. Prefer reading. But I love Top Gun. Don't know why it's a fifteen, maybe the version I saw on TV was dumbed down a bit or something. Anyhow, I've based a story off it, which just shows how much I loved that film. The other one's an adaptation of The Hunt For Red October. Since it's a pretty decent book, I figure I'll give the film a chance too.

Easter was fun. Went to church in the morning, said happy Easter to everyone, ate eggs. Um, not a whole lot else. Not on Easter Sunday at any rate. My life sounds really boring. It's not, honest.

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