Saturday, 25 April 2009

Spitfire Parade

Yes, it's another Biggles book. As you can maybe tell, I had a bit of a phase of reading them. However, I'm determined to write about every book I read, and therefore I'm sticking this up here. So.

This one wasn't amazing. Oh, it's a good book, sure enough, but most of the plot revolves around small chapter long incidents, which are almost entirely rewrites of bits from the earlier Biggles books The Camels are Coming and I think Biggles in France is the other one they've been taken from. They've been rewritten to introduce the new squadron Biggles finds himself being given, so in that respect they're quite nice as a bit of an insight into the new personalities that rapidly show up. However, I would much prefer it if they were actually original stories rather than simply rewrites with a few names changed and the types of aircraft altered. It's worth reading if you haven't read the WWI books and intend to read the WWII part of the series instead, but to be honest, if you've read the earlier ones there isn't a whole lot of point in going out of your way to read this one. If you've not read any of them, it's as good an introduction as any of the others.

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