Sunday, 1 February 2009

Bravo Two Zero and The One That Got Away

These two books detail the same patrol in Iraq. Andy MacNab's (Bravo Two Zero) was the one I preferred, I have to admit. There was a lot more excitement, partially because his part of the patrol contained more people. When I looked at the map in the book before reading it, I couldn't believe how close they'd got to the border before being captured. As I was reading them, I found myself analysing them as source material, which was kind of an odd experience. There isn't a whole lot of contradiction, but the patrol split part way through and Chris Ryan was running about on his own trying to get home, while the other group did the same in a different way. Bravo Two Zero had everyone's story in too, which I really appreciated, because it gave you a bit more of a background. I don't want to sit here and do a full source analysis type thing of them though, so I'll stop on that bit. As a piece of writing, to be enjoyed, I preferred Bravo Two Zero, though I think if you read one it's worth reading the other, just to get a better idea of the picture. Might get a couple more books on it from other sources, the SAS is certainly an interesting thing to read about.

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