Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Yeh. We had John Pew (head of history) on Friday, and it was a really good lesson. I enjoyed it, more than normal even. We actually did some work, I had quiet to do my exam thingy in, and he went through it with us in a nice way and got information out of us. Good stuff. Apparantly he told Elissa he was really impressed with how much we knew. He admitted right at the start that he didn't really know much about the period, and got us to tell him about it. Which kind of brought up things we (or at least I) hadn't thought about.

Had history again today. Little disappointed about not having him again if I'm being honest. Felt a bit like a repeat of all our homework. I guess she forgot about setting it or something, but she basically gave us the same stuff to do in class that we should've done for homework. And I did 'extra reading' too, with that Osprey book I said about before, so I was a bit like 'argh! I know this stuff!' and it didn't feel as detailed as what I'd got from that book. And the text book. Which kind of annoyed me. But oh well. And then I asked a couple of questions and basically got 'don't know'. I wanted to know where the Indian Mutiny fitted in, and also about this fighting in Afghanistan the book mentioned. But for some reason, I thought it a plus when our 'supply' admitted he didn't know but just annoying that Elissa couldn't answer my questions. Oh well. I guess that's life. And she is teaching this bit and it would be nice to know. I kind of want to be a history teacher myself. I seem to have had a succession of non-amazing ones and kind of want to sort that out by being a really good one myself. And everyone keeps asking if I'm gonna be a teacher. So, maybe. Shall see what happens. Might be kind of fun. We were watching a video in sociology today, showing all this rotten behaviour in classrooms that this substitute sneakily videoed and it made me feel so sorry for them having to put up with that and having that complete lack of both discipline and education and almost no chance after high school because of it that I want to do something about it. Don't know. Hard work, but you never know...

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