Sunday, 1 February 2009

The Case of the Stolen Month

So. Own up. Who was it that stole January? I mean, it's February the first today. So who was it? It seems like yesterday that I went back to college after the summer holidays and sat through a load of exams, and now, here it is, with people telling me it's February. How am I supposed to believe that? I suppose I ought to change my calender and all of that. But... Well, I guess it was a busy month. College, coursework, exams, mum's health variable, writing an entire story in three weeks (that's probably where the month went. I'll have to go chase Cowboy and tell him to give it back...), what else? Babysitting last night, reading, all sorts of stuff. Well, it's been a crazy busy month. And February doesn't look like it'll shape up much quieter. Still, I'd get bored if there was nothing happening. And at least I have the excuse that February is a short month anyway. I'll still be writing 08 in August at this rate, but I guess I don't ever write the date at college like I did every day in Wilfrids. Doesn't seem necessary to put a date on everything. Just put it in order in my folder. But I would like to know if anyone was responsible for the loss of the month. All comments will be treated annonymously. Apart from the fact that anyone in the world with a mind to view them will find them of course...

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