Sunday, 15 February 2009

The 'broken' computer...

Lol. Was playing my clarinet, and we'd been talking about this jazz guy in English, and there was a long note mentioned in this poem about him. My English teacher was saying about circular breathing and stuff and I was thinking 'well, if a soprano sax is anything like a clarinet, you don't really need it to hold on a long note'. So I figured I'd test that little theory when I was practicing today, held on a long note at the end of my practice. Forty seconds :D. Was quite chuffed with myself, but it's not my best. If I do it at the start, I've gone up to near enough a minute holding one note on, but that's pretty hard. Anyway, I went downstairs because I'd been bribed with the promise of tea after I played, and apparently my dad thought his computer had broken and was having a paddy.

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P1N3R said...

I was just reading your post there and noted you started with Lol. Yesterday I was reading up on a phrase Sarah knew from Nottingham (Short weekends is used to describe someone with pant legs that are too short for them) and came across 'the lol theory'.

Definition: The theory that the internet phrase lol, meaning "laugh out loud", can be placed at any part in any sentence and make said sentence lose all credibilty and seriousness.

So for example:

Jesus: Take this all of you and eat it, it is my body, lol.

It is so right though! It takes any element of seriousness from then sentence. I found it quite good :)