Saturday, 21 February 2009

Hello! I'm back! And I'm alive!

Hello, hello, hello, I'm back! Had a great holiday, but the broadbandy stick thing wouldn't pick up the right broadbandy signal (don't ask me for the details, I don't really understand them myself...). Anyway, I read a lot (as you'll see as I frantically try to write reveiws of all the books I've read whilst still trying to read more and also type up the story stuff I did and do the homework I didn't take with me). Anyway, we went to Bury, stayed in the caravan. Went round the various towns. Attempted to do the regimental museum and art gallery with mum while James and dad did the tram system (my brother is train/tram obsessed). The museum was closed, but not looking at all like it, and was no longer gonna be there either, and the art gallery was pretty rubbish, scarcely deserved the name. Bought a lot of books and have had to reorganise my book shelves a little as a lot of them were non-fiction. Um... What else? Relaxed. That was about it.

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