Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Hello. My faith in human nature is restored :D. But that doesn't mean I'm gonna allow anonymous comments again. So, sorry people. But I think you can comment if you've got a youtube account. Not sure on that one.
Anyway, my brother was getting off the bus yesterday and all these boys were messing about and they started pushing him about a bit. Really upset him. And then it turns out one of them was employed by our next door neighbour who's just come round and apologised on behalf of the lads. So that was pretty neat.


AdamWhittakerrrrrr said...

this is terrible, i hope your brother is stronger following this instance and im glad to see that they showed some remorse for their actions. I for one believe that through your writing you can persuade so many more people to stop bullying. From my experiences with you as your friend and ex boyfriend, i know that we both were at the mercy of bullys however i believe we can turn a corner and our love can once again blossom xxxxx

AdamWhittakerrrrrr said...

thanks to all those who liked my previous piece. It's written with lots of passion, i just didnt quite realise how many people read this. joanna as always i should have known how many people are aware of your marvelous writing. This work really does touch people xxxxxx