Sunday, 1 February 2009

Cobra 405

Whoops, just kind of published that with nothing in here. That's why edit buttons are always useful. I've just finished reading Cobra 405 by Damien Lewis. It was absolutely fantastic! I picked up another of his books by accident, didn't realise until I saw the biography thing at the start, and the other one I've now got sat on my bed waiting for me, and it's a nonfiction one, which accounts for the realism of the book. Cobra 405 isn't happy all the way through, but it is remarkably good. It tells of a bank raid on a bank in Lebanon, carried out by nine SAS members. They'd put forward a plan for the raid, and their major ripped it to shreds before the whole group. So they decided to prove him wrong. And take 50 million for themselves in the process. But it isn't as easy as it first seems, and they have to leave the gold for a later pick up. And that's where all the complications fly in. It's amazing, the action is ell written and gripping, and I expect good things of Operation Certain Death, a nonfiction. I seem to have a bit of a thing about the SAS at the moment. It's interesting stuff for sure.

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Anonymous said...

S.A.S members? You mean, people who are already rich, are robbing a bank. In the most retarded setting I've ever seen in a book.
I think, second to nutmeg angel, that is the worst character plot I've ever seen employed within a book.
But, on the bright side, you managed to "publish" a something. Cherish the moment, it will ever happen again.