Sunday, 8 February 2009


There is a reason very few of my stories have been completely (or in some cases even partially) edited. That reason is... Editing is an annoying process which is time consuming and brings far less satisfaction than writing in the first place. And it's nowhere near as exciting, because you already know where the story's going and that's just annoying. What's the point in writing if your characters aren't going to throw in little surprises every now and again? Or maybe a little more often than that. Although it has to be said, I have added in a couple of new bits while editing Nutmeg Angel. And it is improving. I just wish I could click my fingers and let magic editing fairies whizz through it. Although then it wouldn't be my work and that would be even more annoying than taking time out from writing new stuff to make the old stuff readable. Be best if I could just get it right first time. But it seems nobody does that. In fact, I'm pretty certain of it. So I guess I'll just have to carry on working on this darn story. At least it doesn't need as much work as One For Sorrow (before version), which really is in something of a state. Winged Fire I'm rewriting because there was that much needed changing, and that did take me off in another random direction. Although I'm now getting back close to what the original story was. Which could make things easier for me in some ways, but also a little less exciting. Never mind.

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