Saturday, 14 February 2009

The Escape

Sometimes when authors start a new series, it isn't as good as the original. Especially if they're linked in some subtle way. I'm happy to say that The Escape does not fit into that category. It's just as good as the Cherub books, if not maybe a little better *hides from missiles thrown by Cherub-lovers if there are any of you out there*. Seriously, it's good. And Henderson is an awesome character! Dangerous, kind-hearted, he's everything you want a spy to be. He's got a ruthless streak, but he's not gonna let the kids get hurt. I can't wait for the next one! Or the next Cherub book for that matter. I think I know where the name Cherub comes from now, but I don't want to say anything for fear of spoiling the book for you. I'd read a sample chapter of The Escape, and was a little confused when I got a considerable way through and still hadn't got to where it featured. Turns out it comes about half way through. Which is even more unusual than the third chapter of Brisingr being released. Anyway, the kids have that realism I've come to associate with Cherub books, the girl is not a whimp, and like I said, Henderson is awesome. The plot's pretty fast paced, although it does take a while for the two halves to join up. At first it seemed there was absolutely no connection, but there's a very clever way of getting all the different bits joined up. Totally enjoyed it, although I would've liked it to last a little bit longer. Still, well worth reading. Don't know whether to recommend reading the Cherub series first or not. It's kind of interesting to see where it came from, but then again, it's equally valid to read it chronologically. Maybe start with The Escape and then go onto Cherub, I don't know. Either way, it's good. And I have a signed copy, yay! Went to the Trafford Centre, queued up for an hour in Waterstones to get it signed. Robert Muchamore looked surprisingly ordinary. I don't know quite what I was expecting, and I have seen him before, but you think there'd be something different about such a good author. Seems not. Anyway, Cherub and Henderson's Boys series come high up on my list of good stuff to read.

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Robert Muchamore said...

I found your blog in my google alert for Muchamore when I got home, glad you enjoyed my new book!