Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Another Book to Look Out For in 2010

I've just found something out, something quite exciting. A series that I have been following since the first book came out in 2001 is going to have another book, a seventh book. I was given the first one as a present, and so I have the first American edition, which is pretty neat. It's a series that I've written fanfiction for. It's the series that most influenced my early writing, to the extent that one of my friends who had read both my novel and the novel I'm talking about here said that Nutmeg (my MC) was very similar to the MC in those books, and that she could see where I got the inspiration from. I think it's less obvious now. But the fact remains. Artemis Fowl is the series I've been reading for the longest of any series, even longer than the Redwall books because I only started reading them when I was back in England. They are fantastic. Which is why the fact that I have just discovered there will be a seventh, despite fears to the contrary (to be titled The Atlantis Complex).

Here is the synopsis, taken from FantasticFiction (probably the best website to look out for details of new book releases on, this is where I first found out about the new Eragon book, and the most recent two Redwall books, and I use it all the time to find out other books by authors I've enjoyed):

In this seventh adventure in the blockbuster series, an army of fairy space probes have returned to Earth reprogrammed to destroy Atlantis - and only Artemis Fowl can stop them. As he races to save the subaquatic city, the young mastermind must also combat an onslaught of obsessive-compulsive and delusional disorders, both byproducts of prodigious intellect and immense stress at an early age. In his signature pairing of suspense and comedy, Eoin Colfer has woven another masterpiece sure to delight fans of the series and draw in a host of new followers.

So, there we go. A new Artemis Fowl book to look forward to, along with the other ones I mentioned in my New Years post.

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