Saturday, 30 January 2010


I have a slight problem with book reviews at the moment. I know I've read about eight books that I haven't reviewed on here yet. I know some of the names of these books, and could probably, if I took a little time, get them written down again. However, I've gone and lost the little scrap of card left over from when I was making presents. I'm sure it's around somewhere on my desk, so until I've made a serious search I don't want to go through the process of trying to recreate said list. I also took two books back to the library which I need to review. Normally, not a problem. Both, I'll add, were great books. However, I didn't make a note of the author, I can't remember for one of them, and they were on the history reader's group ticket, rather than on my own, so I won't be able to find it from there. Hopefully google can provide the answer (or at least, google can show me where to find the answer). But the book was called The Brink, and it was published in the seventies. About the Cuban Missile Crisis, but unless I see the exact copy I had, I won't know that it's the right one. Hmm... I shall have to investigate. Meanwhile, I apologise, and shall review a book I can remember the name of in my next post.

On a slightly different topic, we went to Haywood today, to go to the market. I think it's about forty odd miles--it took a fair while to get there at any rate. We also tried to go to Bury market, but there was absolutely no parking, apart from some on street stuff which wasn't even that near the market which was £1.65 for an hour! Now that, I'm sure you'll agree, is somewhat ridiculous and extortionate. So we gave up on that idea and tried to head home but got lost. We got back on the right track after a couple miles going in the opposite direction to which we should have gone, and then stopped off at a cafe to have some lunch--I was starving by this point. And then we went to Sommerfield which is technically the Co-op but they haven't changed the sign outside only the inside ones, and got some food for tea etc. Oh, I never said why we went to Haywood, did I? My dad's had an interview for a job based out in that direction, he and mum went out to find it the other week and went through Haywood, stopping off at the market for a brew. While there, they noticed a book stall which sold books from 10p each. Which is a pretty good deal--I don't know of anywhere in Preston you can get them that cheap. It's cheaper than reserving books from the library too. Anyway, I ended up buying six. I actually initially only wanted one, but figured that on the basis they were also 6 for 50p, I might as well go for six.

The other thing I've been doing today, besides blogging, is modelling. Modelling as in model making, I hasten to add. I doubt anyone would take me for a model... Although as part of the history reader's group (last night) at Chorley, I had my photo taken for Lancashire Life. We did a thing in the summer on local authors, that's what they were there about. Nothing like being timely... Anyway, I've been working on a model Tornado, which is quite fun. I don't often do jets. I tend to do WWI/WWII aircraft instead. I've got six built besides this one, not counting the Me 262, which although it is a jet kinda gets counted under WWII as far as I'm concerned. Two of them are Harriers--I think the Harrier is my favourite modern aircraft. It's just so impressive looking, dangerous, and then there's the added fact that it can land vertically which is pretty ace you have to admit. The WWI ones are my favourite I think, although I am quite fond of my Spitfire, Lancaster bomber and Bristol Blenheim. Oh, and my biggest model (although not the most pieces), which I recently completed--a Short Sunderland flying boat. It's huge! It's wingspan is about three and a half times that of a Spitfire, and it's about three times as long. It dwarfs all the other aircraft currently sat on my styrofoam drying/holding while they wait to be hung 'mat'. When I say one of them's an F-15E, which is hardly a small aircraft, that gives you a bit of an idea of the size of it. Sorry, I'll stop talking about model aircraft. One of my more unusual pass times and interests. I don't actually know anyone else who builds them, though I presume there must be others or there wouldn't be dedicated magazines, two major companies, and (although there's none in Preston now Toymaster has basically got rid of their entire range) a lot of places that stock them in large numbers.

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