Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Snow Day!

Well, today is a snow day. It's snowing pretty hard outside, which is quite unusual for Preston. We had a bit before, then it all melted (including my snowman, poor Fred!), but now it's back! We have about an inch and a half so far, which is probably more than we had in the entire of last winter. Who said the earth was getting warmer?! (Okay, I know that global warming is actually gonna make England colder because we'll lose the gulf stream current that keeps us warmer than Siberia/northern Russia which is apparently on about the same latitude, but still.) I may have to go outside and remake Fred.

I went to college this morning. I didn't even get in the building though. Thankfully, I'd persuaded my dad that it would be a good idea for him to drop me off, rather than for me to walk, because my ankle's hurting again. I would've been so annoyed if I'd walked all that way. Basically, I got there, saw one of my friends, and she said 'college is closed'. I was somewhat surprised. I mean, yes, it was snowing rather hard, but there wasn't that much snow on the ground at that point. But college was closed, so here I am, back home. I couldn't call my dad to come back, cos he was driving away and was out of sight, but my friend's dad was able to give me a lift home, so that was good. So I went to college for about five minutes, stood in the snow for a bit, and got home again.

The best bit about it is this. I was hoping to go to the cinema with James (my brother) to see Sherlock Holmes, cos it looks amazing, but then we realised that I wouldn't manage to fit it between finishing college and going for my clarinet lesson. But now I'm off college, I can go to an earlier showing, and there's no problem at all, plus we get cheap tickets because it's cheap day Tuesday at the Vue round the corner from us. Pretty good going, by my reckoning. The only annoying thing is that my Mum also decided that since I was off college, it would be good if I were to tidy my room completely, including dusting and hoovering. Meh.

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