Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Best Maths Lesson Ever!

So, I had my maths exam on Monday--Mechanics 1. Slightly harder than I expected, but I think I've still done pretty okay. Anyway, I had a lesson not that long after on Monday, but the teacher let us all go after a few words about the test and basically saying there was no point talking about it because it was too late. Showed up on Tuesday expecting to start doing more maths, and he announced that we had three choies of what to do: we could go and do chemistry revision if we had a chemistry exam still to come, we could do Maths Core 3 revision (what we did earlier this year, but we've not had the exam yet), or we could take part in a draughts and connect four championship. Guess what I picked? On the basis that I don't do chemistry, I figured connect four and draughts was more fun than Core 3, and it certainly was. It was so funny--I beat James, first at draughts and then we got put against each other on connect four too, and so I beat him twice more (it was best of three to get through on connect four). Quite amusing. I then ended up playing against John (my teacher) while I was waiting for whoever should've been playing against me next in draughts to finish another game. Technically the result was a draw, but I had four crowned pieces and he only had one left, so I would've got him eventually, we just ran out of time. Great fun.

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