Saturday, 9 January 2010

The Guns of Naverone

I appear to have reviewed this one before. Never mind. I've read it again, so I'll review it again. It's another Alaistar MacLean, and it's brilliant. I watched the film version of it--it was on over Christmas. Unfortunately, I was watching it with my brother, who has a nasty habit of demanding to know 'who's that', and, worse, he kept asking me whether they managed to blow up the guns or not. Argh! The film was completely and utterly unlike the book. In fact, it was so different to how I remembered the book being that I wondered if I was getting confused and had to read the book again to make sure I wasn't. The book is definitely better than the film, moreover, the characters are much better portrayed in the book than the film. I enjoyed re-reading it, and even though I knew how it ended and could remember the twists, there's still a great deal of pleasure to be had from reading a book by Alaistar MacLean and I can particularly recommend this one. Especially because, as a bonus, it has a sequel. It's the only Alaistar MacLean book that does, and I love a good series because it gives me a bit more to read and I'm a fast reader.

Gotta go, it's tea time. Anyway, I'm about done. This is what you'd expect from such a great story teller--a great book. Don't read it at night or you'll be up till you've finished it.

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