Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Eternity Artefact

I had two slight problems with this book. One was that the person who had it out the library clearly smoked and the book absolutely stank. The other was that it took me until half way through the book to realise that at the start of each chapter it actually told you who's perspective it was from. I had, by that point, come to the conclusion that you could work it out just from the style it was written in. Quite an achievement on the author's part to my reckoning--I've not written in first person very often, and when I tried to do that I found it very difficult. I was only annoyed because I felt rather stupid for not noticing...

The Eternity Artefact was a brilliant piece of sci-fi. I was very glad that I got two books by L.E.Modesitt, Jr after I finished it--it just looked quite interesting, and as it didn't seem to be part of a series I figured I might as well get two of them not in a series. I couldn't put it down. I was captivated right from the start, and I was impressed by the way the different view points were woven together. The technology was believable, as was the way the world had developed from now to 5000 years into the future. To be fair, when you've got that time span, you can make anything believable. I bet (with the possible exception of HG Wells) that 100 years ago they didn't seriously think that we'd have things like atom bombs that could destroy entire cities at a go, regular trans-Atlantic flights carrying over 500 people at a go. Oh, and computers that enable you to read what I'm writing seconds after I press a button. I think my favourite piece of technology was either the needle boats, or the mind link things. They were really impressive, and well written. It just sounded natural and expected.

A planet had been found, a planet with unknown technology upon it. A team is gathered, amongst them traitors who are determined to prevent the discovery of what they believe to be Lucifer's weapon. And yet, you cannot be sure which side you want to win the conflict. Half of me sided with the Covenanters, half with the main team. A fantastic novel, the characters were believable and engaging. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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