Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Geneva Deception

This is the other book I read before the new year that I decided to review, on the basis that I only read it a couple of days before January 1st, and it was really good.

I got it in WHSmiths, though unfortunately it wasn't on sale. However, it was worth paying full price for, even if I do think that books are getting ridiculously expensive to buy new (especially when you consider how little authors get out of that). Still, it was definitely worth it.

James Twining is an amazing author, and his main character, Tom Kirk, is fantastic. Having read the first three, I was taken slightly by surprise to discover that there was one I hadn't read in WHSmiths. I'd checked on Fantastic Fiction and it seemed that those were the only three, so I simply figured fair enough, I'm happy with a fantastic trilogy. So I was delighted when I spotted one that I knew I'd not read, flicked through a bit just to make absolutely certain, and got it. I then read it that evening, pretty much in one go, despite the fact that I kinda needed to get stuff done. Tom Kirk, ex-art thief, is enlisted to help an FBI agent (who he happens to have fallen in love with some time previously though their long distance relationship over the Atlantic was not going particularly well). But all is not as it seems, and Kirk discovers that he can't trust the FBI (not that he didn't know that already). A dramatic thriller that deals with the shadier side of museum artefact gathering, I thoroughly enjoyed it. In short? Highly recommended.

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