Thursday, 7 January 2010

I got a letter...

Yesterday, I got a letter. Actually, I got two letters. I was lying in bed, feeling a bit ill, when my Dad came in with the post. The first one he handed me was red, with an American stamp on and handwriting that was familiar. A letter from my 3rd Grade teacher in America who I still keep in touch with. I was quite excited about that. After all, it's not that often you get proper post now. However, before I opened it, he brought another letter out from behind his back and handed it to me. This one had a Cambridge stamp on it. Naturally, I had to open that one first. I'd been checking my e-mails ridiculously often over the previous few days, assuming it would come through UCAS who would send me an e-mail to say that my status had changed. But here was a letter from Christ's College Cambridge, not an automatically generated e-mail. So I opened it, struggling a bit (I hate to tear open envelopes, no matter how much I want to get at the contents, and the glue was quite sticky), and unfolded the letter. And I have an offer!!! A*AA and I can go to Cambridge. Which is a pretty tough offer I guess, but I reckon I'll do it. So yeh, all being well I'll be starting at Cambridge in October this year studying history! So chuffed :D.

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