Sunday, 31 January 2010

An Ending and a Celebration

Well, today Fresh Manna, which is the church I attend, officially ended. We're carrying on as a fellowship, but we currently have no name. Both our pastors have resigned see, so we kinda couldn't continue as Fresh Manna. Anyway, we had a service today to celebrate all that Fresh Manna has meant to people over the years it's been around. I actually can't remember being in any church in England where we've been as happy, or at least where I've been as happy. In fact, I don't recall even the churches we went to in America as being as amazing as Fresh Manna. It's the worship and the grace message I guess. That's what came out most.

It's kinda weird to think that Fresh Manna is no more. We're currently 'The Fellowship that was Formerly Fresh Manna' though I doubt that's any sort of official title. Oh well, we shall see next week what God's actully going to do with our church. I can't imagine He'll leave us dangling for too long. So yeh, big things happening. Oh, one other thing: it was so funny looking at all the pictures this morning. There were some really ridiculous ones of me--dressed as a chicken, at Junior Church housegroup, as a small child wearing fake glasses and dressed in ridiculously bright clothes and a hat. Not sure what that one was about... Still, it was quite amusing. So yeh, it's weird to think that something that's been a huge part of my life since I was tiny is now no more, but all the people are still there. The church meal is on Friday too--in past year's it's been called a Christmas meal, but as it's, well, significantly after Christmas, I don't think that's such a fitting lable any more. Should be fun.

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