Monday, 11 January 2010

Bear Island

A brilliant Alaistar MacLean (you'll get fed up of reading about them before I get fed up of re-reading them I suspect...). Set in the Arctic, a film crew sets off to a desolate island to create a new movie. But something's not quite right. At first wondering if it's just film people in general who're fishy, Dr Marlowe is even more suspicious when a spate of disasters hit the ship while they're still heading for the island. And once they're dropped off on it, well, it starts to look like they'll be fortunate to make it out alive. Mary Dear and Mary Darling are somewhat weak characters, but the others are pretty impressive. From what I've seen, the film is totally different from the book--that seems to be about standard. However, I can only speak from experience, and yet again I was up till the middle of the night, again despite having read it before. Very enjoyable, an intricate plot, and plenty of twists.

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