Monday, 11 January 2010

Perseus Spur

Apparently, this is the first book in the Rampant Worlds series. I think I got it in a three for two at a charity shop or something, because it's not the sort of book I would normally buy. But it was on my bookcase, and I felt like reading last night, so I decided to read this one. After reading the blurb, I felt slightly dubious as to whether it was really the sort of book I would enjoy or not... But I couldn't be bothered climbing about to find another book, so I started it. After two or three chapters, it seemed pretty mediocre, but it certainly picked up as the book went along. In fact, it got rather exciting. I'll certainly be looking out for the rest of the books.

At times amusing, at others bizarre, and with a gripping plot (almost) throughout, I'm glad I picked this book up. It was certainly worth reading, and the style of it reminded me slightly of Artemis Fowl, though the plots were different to say the least.

Helmut Icicle was once a top flight cop, fighting corruption amongst the Concerns--the businesses that effectively govern the Human Commonwealth of Worlds. Until he was accused of corruption himself and lost his citizenship. He drifted to a world on the edge of the colonised area, and ended up taking sports divers down to see strange creatures. Until a giant sea monster eats his house. The bizarre accident launches him back into the world he thought he'd left, and forces him to work once more with his estranged father who hated his decision to become a cop. But Helly's sister is in danger, and he has to go after her, even if that means becoming a part of the family business.

Strange creatures galore, and, once it gets going, an intriguing plot. It was slow to start. But I'm glad I continued reading for the good bits. A satisfying read.

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