Sunday, 10 January 2010


I got the third book in this series out the library a while ago, realised it was the third, so took it back and ordered the first one, Spiral. I'd started reading the third, came to the conclusion that it was very interesting, but I needed to know what went on before. I've read too many serieses in the wrong order and spoilt them that way. And I was glad that I did order this one. Engaging and dramatic, it's a brilliant piece of sci-fi, set in the not that distant future.

Spiral is an organisation dedicated to saving the world from itself. Their teams of operatives go all over the world in the fight against terrorists, rogue governments, and other threats to civilisation. Completely clandestine, technologically superior, their agents all 'dead' men and women superbly trained, Spiral is ideally suited to its task. Until someone starts to attack the DemolSquads, until the mysterious Nex appear, until Spiral is betrayed from within. Fast paced and gripping, this is the story of a man who thought he was finished with Spiral, retired, but finds himself called back to the fight. A dangerous man, Carter battles with a demon in his soul, his alter-ego Kade, as well as with the Nex and their leaders. Incapable of trusting any completely, which, given the circumstances is a definite bonus, he fights against the shadowy Nex and those who would betray Spiral.

My only criticism is that there was too much use of the f-word for my liking. But it was certainly gripping, and it didn't put me off too much--it just seemed a shame that for such a great character, he seemed incapable of expressing himself in any other way. Still, I would highly recommend it. Just don't let parents peer over your shoulder...

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